All School  Levels  & College


These programs were developed for  students at all school levels, including college – in both standard and honors programs.  The work often coincides with the student’s ongoing school curriculum – allowing the student to master the challenges  without the intimidating pressure often presented in the traditional school framework.  The work is most effective in the Academy locations but can also be offered on Skype.


The tutoring program has succeeded in making the task of learning Spanish much easier. Often, in the typical school setting, there is not enough time or attention given to each student’s needs. Furthermore, with all the other demands placed on the student, both in school and outside the classroom, the student has trouble devoting adequate attention to the process.


The Gaviria Academy teachers work with each student to make learning Spanish a pleasant experience!  Using techniques developed over years of experience, the teacher will help the student enjoy the learning process and develop the confidence to excel at school.


Many of the students in the Gaviria Academy, that have already completed their high school or college courses, are now fluent in Spanish – something they will enjoy for a lifetime!

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