Group Classes

Although the fastest way to learn Spanish is a one-on-one private class, or a semi-private class with two students, another great way to learn a language is to participate in a group class. The Gaviria Academy classes are fun! You learn, you laugh, and you share. You forget that it’s educational because you are having such a good time. It’s social! You meet people, make friends or just acquaintances, and you increase your social contacts. And,  most importantly, you learn Spanish – both to speak and to understand.  If you wish to learn even quicker, you can do so by studying independently.  Those that do this will develop their language and comprehension skills much faster.

In the group class dynamic, you can study Spanish at an affordable cost. While the private or semi-private classes are the ideal for learning a language rapidly, the group class is an affordable way to “test the waters.” Many will continue in a group class and progress with time – or move on to a private or semi-private class. .

Group classes are offered at a level that suits the student’s current proficiency. The Academy offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Group classes will be offered with as few as 3 students and not more than 5 students. Group classes are kept small in order to give each student an opportunity to progress faster.

Group classes are currently offered at $ 20.00 per 1 hour session. The number of weeks offered is variable depending on the season.

Semi-private classes, with two students, are offered where two students have complementary skills and temperaments. In some cases, friends, spouses, or family members wish to study together. In others, the Academy will suggest a match-up. This may be done where there are not enough students to satisfy the group class minimum of 3 students. The semi-private classes may be commenced at any time at a charge of $25.00 per 1 hour session. The semi-private classes are both affordable and highly effective.

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