Mary Luz helped me with my last two college courses – SPAN 201 & 202. I enjoyed my classes with Mary Luz so much that even after successfully completing my Spanish courses, I continued to take Spanish lessons post graduation. Gaviria – Academy of Languages has a unique ability to adapt to your learning style. Full of patience, charm, and fun, I highly recommend utilizing these language services.
Special thanks to the Gaviria sister’s for helping me learn and understand SPANISH!

Daniel E Kaskel


I have been with Mary Luz for seven years. She has helped my Spanish grammar and literature skills. She makes learning Spanish easy and fun. She is very flexible and is readily available when ever I need help. I look forward to my weekly classes with Mary Luz and to know I am constantly improving my Spanish.

Amanda Hernandez


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Mary Luz while searching for a Spanish professor in Miami. I wanted to work with someone who could create a learning environment to meet my individual needs. I also wanted a professor who spoke “correct Spanish” so that I could travel in Spain and South America and be understood. It was important that my Spanish skills reflected the sophistication of a well educated woman.

Mary Luz proved to be a compassionate, responsible, timely, and committed professor. She helped me to reach all of my language goals. I have used my Spanish skills to travel extensively, and I am pleased when complemented on these skills.

I highly recommend studying Spanish with Mary Luz. I am sure she will be the right choice.

Her forever student,
Debbie L


My sister and I have been with Mary Luz for many, many years. She is a very good tutor. She is organized, social, helpful, nice, etc. She helps us prepare for our Spanish tests. When we study with her, we get 100’s. Like other students have said, her Spanish is proper and correct. You can easily trust her, not only with her Spanish, but as a person as well. When we travel to Spanish speaking countries, we get a lot of compliments from natives who live there. Taking spanish with Mary Luz is and has been a very exciting and educational experience.

I recommend Mary Luz and the Gaviria Academy of Languages in Miami to anyone who wants to learn spanish and have fun at the same time. You will progress a lot!!

With lots of love always,
Isabella and Susana


I attended two weeks of the intensive one-on-one Spanish program at the Gaviria Academy, a week in November, 2011 and then again this February. I am a retired bank executive with Intermediate Spanish skills.

I learned about the program through a general on-line search and selected Gaviria over three other South Florida options because of their prompt individualized response to my inquiry and their clear customization capability. The tuition was quite reasonable.

The program was conducted by the Gaviria sisters, two well-educated, upscale, married women in their late forties. They structured a one-on-one program to fit my schedule preferences, which included two hours in the morning taught by one of the Gavirias and a second two-hour block in the afternoon led by the other sister.The Gavirias’ enthusiasm and patience were remarkable. The instruction was conducted in a home office in an attractive Coconut Grove neighborhood. There were also off-site visits to a supermarket in a predominantly Spanish speaking area, lunches at Spanish restaurants, and a visit to a tennis complex (my interest)where Spanish was spoken. They also included news videos to sharpen my listening comprehension. Developing one’s language facility is a challenge, but the Gavirias’ encouragement kept me at it and made the process enjoyable.The hallmark of the Gaviria program is flexibility – of schedule, teaching approaches, and response to my needs and areas of weakness. The instructors used flash cards to note words and phrases where I needed more work, and at the end of each week gave me the cards to review at home. They reinforced correct form by preparing pages of sentences showing my incorrect use next to the proper construction – true customized teaching.

There was a lot of focus on developing my pronunciation skills, and the teachers employed role plays of situations that one might encounter in a Latin American country. They emphasized conversational Spanish and practice in explaining concepts and ideas. Each of the Gavirias’ has an excellent sense of humor and keeps the course material varied and lively.

The real measure of the program’s worth is that my Spanish skills and ease have grown considerably. I look forward to more Spanish language development at the Gaviria Academy.

Jay Anglada
Vero Beach, FL


I have taken Spanish lessons with Monica both in the classroom and currently through Skype. By far it’s been the best experience I’ve had to date.

I’ve had other Spanish classes and tried a CD package that were ok but I was never able to speak and read on the level I do now. Monica has both excellent teaching skills and a real desire to see her students master the language.

If you live in Palm Beach County (or Miami-Dade) Florida and you truly want to learn Spanish I would highly recommend her class. If you are outside the area take it through Skype, You will be glad you did! 

Frank Trecki
Lakeworth, Fl


My husband and I have been studying with Mary Luz Newman for 2 years.Her enthusiasm and teaching techniques are extremely encouraging. Our ‘profesora’ directs our lessons to real life situations.She makes learning fun!

We review, discuss and learn new words continually, speaking only Spanish in her presence. We look forward to our weekly sessions.

Lynn and Elliot Prigozen


Working with Mary and Monica helped me improve my Spanish speaking skills and vocabulary immediately.I only had the chance to work with them for two weeks and I find myself able to carry out conversations in Spanish! They converse with you in Spanish throughout the lesson which helps you pick up the vocabulary quickly, as well as improve your grammar and accent.
They couple conversations with book work which helps you actively use the Spanish you are learning.I can honestly say that taking classes with these two wonderful women will successfully teach you the Spanish language!


Berenz and Berenz, Consultants
6279 Sand Hills Circle, Lake Worth, FL 33463

Please consider this writing as a most hearty endorsement of the educational professionalism and expertise of Sra. Monica, with whom we have completed both Beginner and Advanced Beginner Spanish courses.

Sra. Monica displayed a sincere interest in having the students in our classes develop a passion for and command of the Spanish language.She was patient and supportive with even the most novice of language-learners, always reinforcing even the smallest effort on any of our parts.She also encouraged native Spanish speakers in our classes to improve their skills and develop their pronunciation and command of grammar.No one was ever bored!Classes were always pleasant and engaging, even though challenging. Sra. Monica easily maintained an atmosphere of mutual respect and positive regard.Notably, there was never any ‘down time,’ as Sra. Monica literally taught from “bell to bell,” often leaving us wanting more.

We look forward to having the opportunity to learn from Sra. Monica again and can honestly state that any students would benefit from her sincere love — and command — of the Spanish language,both which she communicated easily to each of us, regardless of our skill levels.

Very truly yours,
Adele A. Berenz, Ph.D.
Frank P. Berenz, Esq.